Switchboard / Meter Box Upgrades

Meter boxes and switchboards are other electrical components that go unnoticed until a problem occurs.

All the final sub-circuits in your home, office or commercial premises originate from the switchboard or meter box.

Additions and alterations are often made over many years, leading to a jumbled confusing mess of fuses, circuit breakers and RCDs with the wrong labels or none at all.

A messy jumble at the front of your switchboard usually means an even messier and possibly unsafe jumble of wiring behind.

Did you know that many old fuse panels in your meter box are made of Asbestos-containing material, if drilled or broken these can release harmful fibres into the air. We can remove all the hassle out of rewiring a fuse in the middle of the night by removing your old switchboard, installing new combination RCDs and circuit breakers to protect all final sub-circuits.

Convenience and safety.

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