House Rewiring

Is your house older than 50 years old?

Even though electrical wiring is concealed in walls, in roof spaces and underneath buildings, it can deteriorate over time.

If your home was built before the 1960's then there is a chance that the wiring that was originally used is no longer safe.

Older wiring used Vulcanised Indian Rubber (VIR) covered in woven cotton as insulation, this insulation was not designed for extreme heat found in the roof cavity of buildings in Australia and when touched or disturbed the insulation can just crumble away leaving exposed live wiring which can cause electric shocks, fires and all sorts of shorts and faults in your home.

There are many other wiring techniques used in the past that are no longer deemed safe and many homes in WA have this wiring still in operation.

There are no set guidelines to indicate when a home needs to be rewired, the best thing to do is arrange an inspection with us. We can check the condition of all your wiring and connections in your home, give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and has been checked all over.

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